Stationery & Gifts

From wonderful floral flowers, soft pinks and purples, to Australian landscape scenes of the bush and beach, the artists of New Horizons have strived to create products that are truly different, unique and special.

You can purchase our gifts and stationery online, or contact us to arrange a FREE appraisal and samples for your store. 

We produce wonderful quality products for friends and family, including top selling captions such as ‘Mum’, ‘Daughter’ and ‘Sister’. Full of sentiments and messages to express feelings and thoughts from the heart, our endeavour is to help people express their emotions and love to their friends and family. 

Best selling inspirational books, purse pads, shopping pads, magnets and more give you a wide variety of products to choose from from low price bulk buy options, to customised stationery for large orders. We can tailor make any stationery product just for you!

Our social stationery products are great for all stores from discount variety wholesalers australia to premium retail store fronts, we sell wholesale australia online also.